What it takes to be a Woman

Do you know what it takes to be a woman?

Her body is a vessel for life and love

She is the being God chose to have one of His miracles

The ability to create, host, grow and nurture souls

She reaches the brink of death to bring forth life

She splits in half and mends herself only to do it all over again

With a child on her hip and another growing in her belly

She nurtures both, feeding both from her body.

She is an ever continuous source of love and affection

Through her pain and humiliation by her dominating male she is still the well of everlasting good

The purity of her heart transcends all hate

The lines that distort her skin are ones she takes pride in

For they are a testament to her endurance

She wears her dignity like a halo that nothing can touch

For it radiates from within her

She loves without malice

She protects like a tigress

But she attacks like a lioness

She could love unconditionally

Give life wholeheartedly

Forgive gracefully

And deep inside her she is made of the strongest substance God has ever created


You will never know what it takes to be a woman.

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