I’m tired of saying sorry

For things I didn't do

I’m not the one to blame

For your dreams not coming true

I’m tired of walking on eggshells

And tiptoeing around your mood

The sight of me churns your guts

And you start a bitter feud

I’m sick of your disgusted looks

I’m tired of you indifferent views

My skin begins to crawl

Deary, for you, I’ve got news

Don’t be so quick to judge

Don’t hold the holy stick

You’re full of faults yourself you know

You’re made of glass, don't throw that damn brick

You're just as flimsy and frail

As ashes in the wind

Be careful how you treat me

For, you, I can unhinge

I’ll dissect you like a corpse

Cut you up into little pieces

Unravel you bit by bit

Until your soul shrivels up and ceases

If you’re exasperated by my brain

And provoked by my views

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again

You bit off more than you can chew

Don’t use my weight or body

To evoke doubt, shame and guilt

The weakest person invokes those tools

And feelings of love begin to wilt

Don’t make me feel sick

Don’t use those ugly tools

Don’t push me to the edge

And make me change all the rules.