For my country

We hear of Race, Hate, Religion

Dividing brothers

Clan. Color. Creed

Crumbling systems

Never heard of anything like this before

Realized like a mirage in the desert taking form

Loved, admired and adored

A dream, a vision, a fantasy

Nobody saw coming true

Reality ripping through the sky's torrid blue

One man stood tall

Defied all odds

Armed with his dreams

And faith in Almighty God

The world said this place will never be stable

Divided by deep rooted tribal aggression

One man set out on a unity mission

They said, They're weak, hapless and unable

To keep the peace between them

We proved them wrong

20, 30, 40, 50 years, still going strong

Never bet against men who are determined, willing and able

To carry dreams of unity on their bared burdened backs,

Push their bare open chests in the face of any attacks

Don't bet against a mother

Holding her son by the hand

Leading him straight to the front lines

Telling him to stand

Aim. Steady. Fire!

Defend your honor

God, Country and Truth

Our love for this keeps growing stronger

With every drop of blood we shed

We live to conquer

Fear us at war

Love us at peace

Don't patronize us

Don't wake the beast

We come in full force

We get things done

We don't retreat in fear

We don't cower and run

We come from ruggedness

We plowed the sand

Men tearing through the dunes

Renewing the motherland

Women standing tall

Taking charge when our men fall

We stand together shoulder to shoulder

The vision and determination of our founders getting bolder

With every drop of sweat, blood and tears

We root this love of land in our dears

Children, grandchildren and generations to come

We're blessed to always strive to be Number One.

The story is on going, always evolving, never done.