I am infinite, I am divine,

I am the Sun and the Moon combined,

In my heart is a bottomless sea of love and a limitless sky filled with stars,

each named;







A million and one beautiful virtues

That I shine down on the man lying on the shores of my womanhood,

from where I bring life.

I birth creatures of influence.

I populate the earth with, thinkers, philosophers, scientists, lovers, poets;

but I also birth bastards!

I am all encompassing

I bring the good and the bad

I am the shadow and the light

I am the darkness and the evil

And I also bring kindness and humanity

I am made of love

So I breed love

I am capable of hate and destruction

But I find no joy in that

I rather plant than harvest

I rather nurture than stifle

In my eyes, all is beautiful.

So… how can we know one thing without its opposite?

You are here to make me Shine

You exist to accentuate the Divine

Whatever aspects you lack, are nulled by my light.

This is what you don’t realize;

You are here, through me

I help you be all you can be

I bear your dreams on my shoulders and make you stand tall

Without me you wont be able to rise to greater heights after you fall

I am the mountain on which you stand

I am the Lord’s helping hand

I am a Woman of the Ages

I am infinite, I am divine

I am the Sun and the Moon, combined.