I say “I Love You.”

You say “what then?”

You can’t cover your disdain You can’t even pretend I'm mocked and ridiculed By your narrow vision of me I'll never be large enough for you to see Never good Never better Just plain old me “You stressed for what?” You say and roll your eyes You look down at me You paitronize Your blinded by your ego You believe your lies “You have more than others! What you stressed about?” Excuse me sir, But this pretty house you see Wouldn't run like it does if it wasn't for me Those pretty little angels we have right here Don't have little wings that suddenly appear They need raising and loving And that would stress you out You say "it's parenting." You’re right, no doubt I’m not complaining Don’t take me wrong But sometimes I’m weak I’m not ALWAYS strong There’s so much more That goes into life I’m not super woman I’m also your wife You say “this life you have Is easy to do. Go away for a while I'll see it through. I’ll run things well, and not before too long, Nobody will notice that you’re even gone” I’d love to see you Step into one of my shoes The kids, the house, their education and health Won't stress you out “It's as good a dealt” I’m sure you’ll handle it all quite well As long as you don't dump them for your weekend spell. See if you think I’m replacable Like things you buy You forgot one more thing you ought to try When you’re in my shoes and dealing with life try dealing with you If you were your wife. It’s not easy when we don't see our own faults, right? But cross the line and step into my life Only then you just might See what I deal with every night Get a glimpse of what you put me through Then you can say “Stress won’t do to me what it done to you!"