I’ve been hurt by you one too many times

I’ve been left crying silently for too many nights

too tired to think

can’t lick my wounds

can’t barley blink

can’t gather my strength

been thrown too far

I’m out of my reach

I crumble and fall

Distant sounds

pluck at my soul

innocent sounds

my younglings call

I raise my head

from under the dirt

my eyes gleam as I stand up

as I slowly rise from my crumbled state

my cubs are calling

I must rise and wake

I gather myself

raise my head up high

here stands a woman

the definition of pride

hear my footsteps

as they shatter the earth

I am respect

a woman’s worth

rise to meet me

I will not bow down

I will not hunch, I will not drown

to give you the illusion that you are a man

you spineless contusion

the definition of confusion

without me to guide you

where would you be?

under the gutter, homeless, cub-less, woman-less

nothingness engulfs you with out my light

so you can huff and puff with all your might

The final truth is, I am the Queen WOMAN

With out me you are just a NO-MAN.