When I’m taking my final breath

I wonder if I’ll have regrets

I’m sure I will,

I have no doubt

I’d regret what I could have lived without

The fancy car,

The diamond ring

The trendy bag,

All that bling

I guess I could have toned it down

Now that I’m a few feet from the ground

I know in heaven,

I would have no place

Without God’s love and bountiful grace

He gives me solace;

He hears my pleas

In this, my desperate time of need

I am dipped in sin;

I reek of fault

As I approach, now, my earthly vault

I pray for mercy

I wish for love

From the ones I left above

Say the prayer

“O tranquil soul

Return to your Lord

Pleased and Whole”

Remember me when I am gone and dead

When I lay in my eternal bed.