tsk tsk

I’ve never wanted for anything

Never needed anyone

Not a car, not a treat

Not a man to make me complete

I’ve always held my own

Had an exterior made of stone

Never had a broken wing

Never needed rescuing

Had men plead

At my feet

A dime a dozen

If I’ve chosen you

That don’t mean nothin’

Cross me once

Shame on you

Cross me again

God help you then

I put you under my feet

Step over you

Don’t miss a beat

I’ve survived before

I’ll survive again

I’m no damsel in distress

I’m no feeble mistress

I’m more than you can handle

I’m way out of your league

I’ll be the bloodhound out for your bleed

I’ll show you weakness to throw you off track

I’ll be sorry and then stab you in the back

I won’t stop until I hear the crack

Of your limbs under my stare

It’ll be too late, coz then I won’t care

All I’ll say is “Awe, baby!! There, there.”

Squeeze your bones

And hear you scream

Cross me again?

You wouldn’t dream.