A word; a thought; a gesture; a glance,

You may not get a second chance-

To say: My love; my life; my all,

Do it now before you fall.

If tomorrow never is,

The last time you gave her a kiss-

Would be a ghost.

A memory you found & lost

Look at her tranquil face,

With your finger, follow & trace-

The contour of her face & brow.

Is that scar from then or now?

Feel her breath on your skin,

Take her scent deep within,

Fill your head with her intoxicating smell.

Pray that you’ll live & tell-

Of the beauty you found, young & fresh,

& how you dreamt of sinful flesh.

What you had but could not own,

A virgin you longed for, but left forlorn.

Take the chance, you won’t regret,

On that, my life I’ll bet,

For how high is the cost

Of a love you found & then lost?