Y así continúa

In this race of life

We tend to forget

People who are dear

Til it's too late for regrets

In this fast paced rush

Of getting ahead

Our brains are a mess

Our souls fill with dread

What are we doing?

For what? For who?

How hard we try

Whatever we do

We need to stop

Slow down and see

There's so much more

That we can be

We push and shove

Our loved ones, so

They push right back

And so it goes

This bitter cycle

This fierce race

Has only one side,

An ugly face.

If cynical this makes you

Or an idealist is born

For both outcomes

You will be scorned

There will always be

someone lurking with flowers

To ruin your plans

of a self loathing hour

Or some stupid ass

Whose only goal

Is to shit on your happiness

And see you fall

So fall and fumble

Or rise and sing

Life is an expert

At jerking your string

So choose wisely

When to smell the roses

Or let the moment pass

Either way you'll be labeled

A dimwit ass!